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    Здравейте! Търси се човек, който говори български, за работа в голямо международно събитие през есента в Стокхолм. Датите са 21-ви, 22-ри септември и 28-ми, 29-ти ноември.
    Hello everyone:) My name is Safira Monteiro, I work for a Swedish company within Human resources, we recruit staff for all kind events and right now I am searching for 1 Bulgarian speaker to an event in Stockholm during the autumn, with occasional days of work, so it’s perfect for a student or someone that wants a new experience since it is 2 days in September and then 2 days in November. the work is mainly to be a host/hostess and a language guide for a big Swedish company that is hosting guests from all Europe during the following months. It is an amazing opportunity, you will meet many new people, extend your skills within your language and English, and also is a little extra extra job:) So if you are in Stockholm and this sounds good, send me an email to safira@peoplepartner.se and I will explain more about this project!


    Здравейте аз съм отскоро в Стокхолм и си търся работа! Ще се радвам да намеря препоръки тук в този форум:)


    Тази обява горе е измама и е некоректна, свалете я от форум!!!!!! Защо лъжете хората с тези румънски цигански измами!!!!! Недопустимо във форум за взаимна помощ!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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